Surviving Deployment: Three weeks down

Tue, Jan 28, 2014


I’ve been a military wife for over 10 years now. I’m used to having my husband gone a lot… but its been nearly 5 years since he last deployed. So… this deployment finally has started to really hit me this past week.

I have accomplished a lot, though, in these first 3 weeks. Sometimes, writing down all that you have accomplished makes you realize how much you’ve done… and not allow you to dwell on all that you need to do.

My Success List:

  • Built a Pinewood Derby Car with my Cub Scout, which required the use of a Dremel tool, belt sander, wood putty, and balancing axils with a screwdriver and hammer… and the car still managed to  make it through the race without any incident, staying in one piece! THANK YOU LORD!

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  • Moved the heavy wooden file cabinet from family room to my office without scratching our wood floors.
  • Moved the kid’s desk into my son’s room and didn’t scratch the bedroom furniture OR throw out my back!
  • Pulled down the world’s heaviest tote from the garage storage to look for my husbands brown boots that were upstairs in the master bedroom closet the whole time even though I looked and looked there.
  • Took the three youngest kids to a movie by myself.
  • Helped my Kindergartener make her 100th day of school t-shirt. COMPLETE WITH SPARKLES.  She’s thrilled. #momaward
  • Started T25,  2 weeks in and I’m down  5.5 pounds!
  • Youngest has only had 3 accidents during the night now that we are a completely PULL UP FREE HOUSEHOLD NOW! #yessssss

Biggest Success This Far:

  • Zipping on the mattress cover for our one million pound Tempurpedic mattress… all by myself. #yayme
    big jump happy man Surviving Deployment: Three weeks down

Items Still on the To-Do List:

  • Organizing the entire house.
  • Mailing in the registration papers for both expired vehicles. Oops.
  • Mailing my husbands first care package. #fail
  • Calling the shop to take my van in to get fixed since I can’t drive it without the back tire smoking.
  • Poopy training our mini dachshund. But at least he poops on the same brown rug so I know when he’s been naughty… and where.  So I give him props for being consistent.
  • Building a Chicken Coop! (that’s on hold til Spring.)
  • ….and lots more that I don’t want to think about. This list is long enough.

Want to know what’s in our first care package?

  • Flight suits for “Flight Suit Friday” which they didn’t declare until they got over there.
  • Brown Boots that nearly cost me my life to find.
  • Flight Jacket (I guess its chilly over there)
  • Dryer Sheets, Laundry Detergent, Snacks, Drink Packets
  • Letters from the kids
  • Jump rope (per the hubs request)
  • Laundry Bag

Can you tell that the theme of this care package is…
“I forgot some things… can you mail them to me?”

BORING. Next one will be more fun. I promise.

What Have You Accomplished This Week?



 Surviving Deployment: Three weeks down

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 Surviving Deployment: Three weeks down

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2 Responses to “Surviving Deployment: Three weeks down”

  1. Sarah Ruth Says:

    I’m proud of you for getting things done! You can do it! I’ll be your cheerleader. And maybe throw in some chocolates to your hubby since it’s cold and they won’t melt. ;)
    Sarah Ruth recently posted..A Better MeMy Profile


    • Partner With Kimberly Says:

      Thanks girl! I’m totally okay with having a personal cheerleader! Yay me! My sister in law just sent him a case of Girl Scout cookies, but I think a small box of something special is certainly in order!!


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