Do you R.S.V.P.?

Mon, Sep 16, 2013


Do you R.S.V.P. ?

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R.S.V.P. is French for, “répondez, s’il vous plaît,” which means “please reply.”

Go ahead, say it. It’s fun!

You see it on the bottom of nearly every birthday party invite, event flyer, and evite.  Yet, we seem to ignore it anymore these days.

It’s becoming a lost art.  An etiquette practice of the past.

I consider myself a little old fashioned. A little.  But being on the party planning side of things as a military spouse and hosting many spouse coffees, I totally appreciate the whole R.S.V.P thing.  Now, I’m not dogging military wives.  I’ve also thrown a few birthday parties in my day, having four kids, and civilians are just as guilty of NOT responding.  It really is, I think, disrespectful to completely ignore the R.S.V.P. request when you have been invited to a party or event. There is a lot of planning going on for some of these events and knowing who and who isn’t coming makes things much easier on everyone. There is food to prepare, parting gifts to put together, and venues to notify of party sizes.

Real life example:

I hosted a monthly coffee for the spouses in my husbands squadron a while back. We are a very large group, so there were literally more than 60 people invited.  Per tradition, we send out an evite via to the whole group.  I planned on baking lots of goodies for us all to enjoy during our coffee.  See, the thing about baking is, it helps to know how many people you will be feeding… same thing goes for any type of food. Of the 60+ people invited, only a dozen responded yay or nay.  So that left more than 40-50 people unaccounted for.  Granted, I knew most of them would not be coming, but say I only planned for 12 people, and 60 showed up.  I’d be short on food!

Can you imagine if that scenario was for a birthday party?

What if you had invited 60 kids.
(I’d say you were crazy….okay maybe this was a bad example, but lets roll with it)

Only 12 replied yes.

Would you go and buy 60 goodie bags anyways? Just in case?

No one wants to make a kid cry because they didn’t get a goodie bag!!!

See how responding to an RSVP would be nice?

I hope reading this will empower that little angel on your shoulder to tell you to take that extra 2 seconds to répondez, s’il vous plaît. The host will love you forever!

So, be honest… do you R.S.V.P. ?


 Do you R.S.V.P.?

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 Do you R.S.V.P.?

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5 Responses to “Do you R.S.V.P.?”

  1. Ashley @ Joyful Thrifty Home Says:

    I can’t say that I get a lot of invites for things, but I make sure to reply whenever I do.
    Ashley @ Joyful Thrifty Home recently posted..Slow Cooker Zuppa ToscanaMy Profile


  2. Natasha Says:

    If it’s for a party, then I always RSVP. I don’t always respond for networking meetings b/c I never know if something will come up at the last minute and I know that they aren’t creating hand-outs or serving food.
    Natasha recently posted..Eyeconic makeupMy Profile


  3. Jackie Says:

    My mother raised me right; yes, I always RSVP when asked. I had two nephews and one great-niece get married within the last two years and you’d be surprised how many people didn’t send back the RSVP cards in the wedding invitations even though they were pre-addressed with postage on the return cards! Seriously, people….how self-absorbed do you have to be to not even take the little amount of time it takes check “Yes” or “No” and write a number in the number of guests line and stick the card in your mailbox? Could it be easier? And yet they still had so many not returned. Unbelievable! Ok, enough ranting.


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